Semi Hiatus

I’ve been feeling really bad the last 3 or 4 days… I feel very weak physically, I’m dizzy and need to lie down a lot. I’m taking a break from simming for some days (or a coulple of weeks). I need to rest and get my strenght back, I also need to tidy up my house because my parents and brother will arrive from their vacation pretty soon…

I also wanted to talk about something else. I’m starting my 5th year in college on the 17th of September which means: interniship everyday at the hospital, writing my thesis, going to classes, going to my english course at night and basically have a shitload of stuff to do. This all means that I won’t have any free time for sims… :\ I’ll still be around downloading things and commenting on your pics but I’m sure I won’t be creating anything for some months.

Oh well… :(


I want this to be very clear for everyone.

1. I promised the person who sent these lips to me I wouldn't share them, so I don't break my promises therefore these lips won't be shared by me, ever. I think that the person who got them directly from Tifa should share them though. I hope some day someone shares them, I really do.

2. I waited more than a year to have the original lips and I really like them, yes I use them on my sims because I think they look pretty. I didn't expect to have a batallion of jealous anons bashing me around because I used them on a couple of previews.

3. Anons made showing pics of sims with these lips some kind of taboo "If the community can't have them, then you CAN'T show pictures of it or else we'll all throw tantrums waiting for you to give in and share them wuaaaaah!". This reminds me of last week's secrets about MissTiikeri and Oritasho. How mature...

4. Anons made nasty assumptions about my character based on this and they expect me to go into a corner and cry and share the lips. I won't. I fought back but did not call anyone names even though I was insulted.

5. I'm making a set of lips that resemble more the original ones using Alfred's remake (now that I have the original ones I can see better the differences. Alfred's remake is very accurate and lovely though, it's just some small details). Just adding a little more shading on the inferior lip and the top lip is different.

Newsea Miles Away Retextured

I have one hair retexture for you ^^ I fell in love with this hair as soon as I saw it, it's just so pretty <3

Anyway, on to the technical stuff: There's 28 colors (Pooklet's naturals+time bomb, Io's colors and my Eva colors) distributed in 6 families, the hair is binned, elders fo grey (in order for the elder stage to work you must have the grey packages, meaning pipe bomb, mail bomb, time bomb and ritsuko, because each family has a separate grey, this makes the packages much smaller). Also the mesh is included and these are Pooklet's v2 textures.


I hope you like the hair and now I'll try to read the comments I haven't yet answered on my LJ and then I have to check the ask box on Tumblr.

EIGHT hair retextures

I'm uploading all the hairs I've been retexturing in the past couple of weeks ;D First I want to thank Trapping for converting some of the meshes (Sun Kiss, Marshmellow, Peggy's April Guft and fixed Skysims F hair 3) for all ages and Swallow Tail from child to elder, you're awesome Lina, thank you again so so much <3 So all the hairs work for ALL AGES except for Swallow Tail that doesn't have a toddler age. All of these are retextured using Pooklet's v2 textures the colors I made were: all of Pooklet's naturals, Io colors and my own colors (I only made neons for Cazy's Leigh hair). The hairs are binned and familied, elders go grey, everything is tooltiped and labeled correctly and the meshes are included.
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