lilith_sims (lilith_sims) wrote,

Tumblr and TBTO stuff - CC update and promises!

Hullo everyone! I'm bringing you another CC Update and later I will probably post a bunch of female sims, an alien default and a hair retexture. So let's get started, shall we?

Tumblr Stuff!

Two Maxis-match female sims HERE

Hair retexture and a sim HERE.

Hair retexture HERE.

Hair retexture HERE.

Hair retexture HERE.

The Big Trade-Off Stuff!

My gift for Trapping is HERE.

My gift for Maron is HERE.

My gift for Nymphy is HERE.

My gift for Eva is HERE.

My gift for Libertine is HERE.

My gift for Wildchild is HERE.

GoS Stuff!

This was my contribution for GoS Treasure Hunt :) It includes a skinblend, 2 lip sets, 1 eyeshadow, 2 sims and 2 tattooed skins.
Download HERE.

These were my CiJ gifts for Nymphy, get them HERE.
Tags: download:eyebrows, download:hair, download:makeup, download:sims, download:skintones

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